CannabisCare, a New Online Dispensary, Features Lab-Tested, Potency-Guaranteed Products

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This article is sponsored by is distinguishing itself in the marketplace as Canada’s only online dispensary providing triple lab-tested, potency-guaranteed cannabis in all its forms derived from the very finest sourced product B.C. has to offer.

“The medicinal properties of Cannabis are no longer anecdotal, the science is there,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the multiple Emmy award-winning, chief medical correspondent for CNN and practicing neurosurgeon.

When most people think about cannabis the last thing on their minds is science. But the exploding cannabis industry needs to evolve into something more scientific. Research is constantly revealing more medical uses for cannabis resulting in more and more patients across Canada realizing benefits from this amazing plant.

“Lab testing all of our products allows our clients to know the exact cannabinoid profile of any item they are consuming making for easy, efficient and accurate dosing,” explained a spokesperson for CannabisCare.

Dosage has been shown in numerous peer reviewed papers as crucial to patient outcome, just as with any standardized medication. Too much is a waste of money and too little is ineffective.

“The industry has been slow to standardize, and many products, when tested, have been shown not to contain the cannabinoid profile listed